Smart Metering Operations Center (SMOC) clear the way for centralized accountability with efficient planning, monitoring, and operations of the smart meters. SMOCs provide a bird’s eye view of day-to-day operations enabling efficient liaising with field teams and other departments to ensure the highest quality of services to customers.


Moreover, SMOCs can create a true value proposition and competitive advantage for utilities through several avenues. Firstly, SMOCs perform the necessary feas–ibility studies and market assessments that assist in the consolidation of an operating model, location strategy, and implementation roadmap along with KPIs & cri–tical success factors for the Smart Metering program. We have successfully established Smart Metering Operations Center (SMOC) with the corporation of HESCO that’s fully operational since from Saturday 9th February 2019.
Smart Metering Operations Center (SMOC) Gathers real-time data from smart energy meters distributed across the network, collect information on energy consum-ption, voltage levels, and other relevant metrics, Processes the collected data using advanced analytics to derive insights into energy consumption patterns and Applies algorithms to detect anomalies, identify trends, and forecast energy usage. It also enables remote management of smart meters for tasks such as firmware updates, configuration changes, and troubleshooting, also reduces the need for physical interventions and enhances operational efficiency. Smart Metering Opera–tions Center (SMOC) is successfully Integrated with Oracle bases billing systems to accurately calculate energy consumption and generate bills , IT also Facilitates accurate billing based on real-time usage data, promoting transparency and efficiency.






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