Accurate Pvt. Limited is a manufacturer of Digital Energy Meters. Incorporated in March 2011 as Private Limited The company, Accurate is a sister firm of IZHAR Constructions Pvt. Ltd [ICPL] under the brand umbrella of IZHAR Group of Companies. Accurate’s production facility is situated at Sundar Industrial State, Lahore. The total land area of the factory in Sundar Industrial State is Two-Acres, two stories building comprises of 10 halls and 5 rooms.


IZHAR is one of Pakistan’s leading construction groups with a rich history of over 63 + years. With its broad experience and high standards of performance in numerous major construction projects of various types. Established in 1960 by the Chairman Mr. Izhar Ahmad Qureshi , a reputed name in the Engineers community of Pakistan, IZHAR has become one of the leading construction Groups. With its broad and rich experience, high standards of technical performance In the numerous major construction projects of various types, ranging from Civil Works, Housing and Urban Development, Heavy Industrial Construction, Defense Oriented Projects and Sophisticated Engineering Construction, IZHAR recognition from has earned outstanding the nation.


“To become one of the leading global brand that provide critical knowledge about advanced metering solutions and shaping
the way world manages the energy resources. Recognize the personal worth of our customers by providing
a framework that allows personal satisfaction, security and advancement oppurtunity “.



“We are committed to develop advanced electrical metering products, systems and solutions at competitive prices
which will ultimately empower our customers to manage energy resources effectively”.


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